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After a long day, relax in style and comfort on a luxurious corner sofa. Our vast range of soft corner sofas comes in a wide choice of styles, colours and fabrics so there's something for every living space. Add a touch of modern elegance to your living room with a striking leather corner sofa in high-quality premium leather. The finish can be as soft as butter or smooth and sleek, and the leather continues to improve with age.

What to choose?

For an even softer feel, choose one of our fabric corner sofas available in a wide range of fabrics including textured, velvet and easy-clean family-friendly options. For an on trend look, choose one of our popular grey corner sofas. These stylish chaise sofas work with a wide range of living room styles, so there's sure to be something to inspire your inner interior designer.

Which color should I choose?

Think about what colors and patterns your other fabrics have, to make sure that the carpet complements the rest of the interior well. If the other environment is dominated by light colors, you may want to choose furniture in a darker tone. However, if the room already contains a lot of color, furniture in a light gray or beige may work better.

What type of soft corner should I bet on?

At Baldai1 you will find u-shaped, leather, scandinavian style sofas. Which size and shape you choose will of course depend on where the furniture is to be placed. Many of our top-quality corner sofas have deep cushioning and lumbar support for added comfort. Large and welcoming, they're perfect for entertaining guests or unwinding with your loved ones. And, some of our corner sofas come with recliners for maximum comfort.

Can I order online?

Of course. Once you have found your favorite, you can easily order your chosen furniture here at